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My first freshers event in London. The Saucy party was great! :)

And here comes my favourite song of Drake!

"Life is a party!"

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I <3 London

I have been to London for 10 days and I keep having this exciting and happy feeling of moving forward in the right way. This life, that has actually already began, was just a dream for the whole life. I feel like I am dreaming here, but every time I wake up, I remind myself I am actually in my dreams. I am still not sure what I will be focusing next years on, but what I really do know, is tha fact, that I want to spend here a part of my life. London deserves it! It is obvious, that London has lot of things to share with me and bunch of people to get to know - I find reasons in its population of over 7 million of wild and young good-looking people. It’s almost the whole amount of population of Czech Republic where I used to live. London offers everything to anybody and if you just don’t go on streets with your eyes on your iPod, you can get the best views of London around every corner. I just love it here!

Since my high school ended, I could not wait to get on uni, but really didn’t know what actually it will include. Lots of funny days! I am glad I’ve chosen this course on this art college - cause artists are simple happy people and you can do whatever you want or come with any kind of theory or philosophy and they will accept you!Β 

I have dreams. Like everybody does. All of our dreams are different - on different places, surrounded by different people and doing different things. We all can be glad our ways crosses each other’s ways so we can live this moment together.

"Follow your dreams. Don’t be a part of other’s. Live yours."

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On our first day of 3D, we were asked to bring some materials and make a group of six people. Then they wanted us to start with an object using just two materials - pretty hard thing was to decide what materials to use, cause you needed something to work with but also something to put the material together with. Then we were asked to add more and more materials. It was pretty creative afternoon. As you can see, I put some records of my and other’s works. Using a simple white background we make you focusing just on the simple objects. And of course, everything looks better when the light is located properly and you get the best of magical shadows. ;)

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